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Women Over 40 Know These Styling Tricks Will Make an Outfit More Fashionable

Women Over 40 Know These Styling Tricks Will Make an Outfit More Fashionable

We follow a range of over-40 influencers, in particular, for their seasoned sartorial point of view. Of course, age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, but this set just gets it with their experience over the years fine-tuning a wardrobe. In fact, we specifically turn to women over 40 for unique styling inspiration.

On that note, we recently noticed quite the interesting style trick from one of our favorite follows, Renia Jaz behind @venswifestyle. For this outfit, rather than buying an asymmetric tank, she actually used one of her classic H&M tanks and moved the straps over her head to create her own asymmetric top. Yep, a genius trick to take the outfit to the next level.

With all that said, we thought we’d showcase more of this look below, along with other interesting styling tricks we’re noting from some of our other favorite over-40 fashion people. Keep scrolling for a few tips that could make you outfit that more fashionable. And if you’re in the mood to shop, you’ll also discover some of the chic pieces these influencers love as well.

The trick: Pull one of the straps of your classic tank over your head and place it near the other strap. This will create the illusion of a trendy asymmetric top. Here’s a closer look at how to transform a standard tank top.


The trick: Create a forward layered look by using a white shirtdress as a base and adding a printed skirt on top for something different and statement-making.

The trick: Take a printed scarf and tie it around with knots to create an alternative top or bandeau. For more inspiration, click here.

The trick: Enhance your favorite white button-down shirt by simply knotting it twice in front to create more of a crop-top blouse.

The trick: Incorporate on-trend sporty socks into a polished vibe to bring an of-the-moment cool factor to your silhouette.

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