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Turns Out Talking To Yourself Is A Sign Of A Healthy Mind

Turns Out Talking To Yourself Is A Sign Of A Healthy Mind

Talking to yourself might sound embarrassing, especially if someone catches you doing so. And it’s a pretty common scenario considering that the entire purpose of talking is to communicate with other people. Sadly, most people associate it with some sort of mental illness.

But according to research, it turns out that it’s actually the opposite. Talking to yourself is actually a good thing, and it even offers a number of amazing benefits. As long as it’s employed in the right context, it can offer you the following benefits:

Improved cognitive performance

According to researchers, talking to yourself can help improve your brain’s performance and even help with your concentration. This was concluded after a study was conducted involving several participants who were tasked to perform certain activities. Several participants were asked to read the instructions silently while others were requested to read them out loud.

Results revealed that those who read the instructions out loud experienced a boost in their overall cognitive performance than the other participants.

Organized thoughts

With the hectic world we’re living in, it’s easy to fall prey to a million thoughts that race around our minds all the time. These thoughts tend to make us feel overwhelmed, especially if we don’t keep them under check.

However, by talking to yourself through your thoughts, you’ll be able to organize the things that affect you. It can also help you recognize the “smaller” things that can easily pile up and turn into larger things if unattended.

Improved self-esteem

Talking to yourself can actually help improve your self-esteem. Instead of waiting for others to provide you with words of praise or compliment, why not compliment yourself? As it turns out, your self-esteem will be really grateful for that.

Enhanced memory

If you’re struggling to retain a memory of something, reading it out loud might just help. According to a research that involves the use of four methods for retaining written information, participants who read out the information loud managed to retain information best than those who read silently, listened to their own recording, and listen to someone else reading.

Master self-control

Another benefit of talking to yourself is that it allows you to master self-control. A study that was published in Acta Psychologica stated that talking to yourself is actually a different form of emotional self-control. This simply means that by talking to yourself on a regular basis, you’ll be able to master the art of self-control in no time.

Final thoughts

According to research, your mind won’t be able to tell the difference between talking in your head or talking to yourself out loud. It simply means that you’re free to choose which form of self-talk you want, provided that it’s in the right context.

Instructional self-talks tend to be the most beneficial as they let you approach your task at hand and even encourage you along the way. On the other hand, random ramblings that are not in the right context won’t offer any benefits at all and may even show that you’re currently dealing with an unfocused mind.

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