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Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds – Small Biz Spotlight

Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds – Small Biz Spotlight

Timekettle + Courant – Small Biz Spotlight


We’re a small business ourselves and we like to share as many smaller indie brands and companies as we can. To make that happen, we created the Small Biz Spotlight series where we highlight small brands we love in our shop and beyond.

Timekettle Creates the World’s First Offline Translation Earbuds

Carrying on a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language can quickly become frustrating for both parties. Enter Timekettle and their M2 Translator Earbuds. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you work with people from other countries, cutting out the lengthy delays that come with typical methods of translation, like hand signals, friends interpreting, and translation apps, makes for a much more seamless interaction. After more than 30 months in development, Timekettle launched these compact earbuds, which are similar in size to Apple’s AirPods, that place a personal interpreter right in your ear, ready to interpret 40 languages and 93 accents in realtime. Every sentence is translated and played in your ear making conversations 50% more efficient than before. If you’re with someone who doesn’t have the Timekettle earbuds, place it on speaker mode and let your words be translated and played through your phone’s speaker (they’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices). A single battery charge will last up to six hours of listening and translating, and the wireless charging case can give the earbuds up to 30 extra hours of battery life, so you’ll have plenty of translation time. A major bonus? You can use them to listen to your music and for phone calls so you don’t have to fuss with any other headphones or earphones throughout the day!

>> To purchase the Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds, visit <<<  via Design Milk


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