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Time Wasting 30 Day Challenge vs Life Changing 30 Day Challenge

Time Wasting 30 Day Challenge vs Life Changing 30 Day Challenge

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There are a lot of 30 day challenges, plans and programs out there that require you to be overly restrictive with your diet while following unrealistic training routines that no one can realistically adhere to. The worst is when they encourage you to spend money supplements that will in no way aid your fat loss or make you healthier.❌

All that happens with these type of programs after you’ve completed them is that you gain the weight back and fall back into your old unhealthy habits.?‍♂️

Instead we should be focusing on challenging ourselves for 30 days to create new healthy and sustainable habits that will change our life! We should all be attempting to live an overall healthier lifestyle instead of searching for the quick fix.

Instead of eliminating certain food groups and trying to eat 100% clean, try making whole foods or nutrient dense foods the foundation of your diet (80%) while incorporating ‘fun foods’ in moderation (20%).

Instead of trying to train everyday and burning out eventually, make sure to have a consistent workout schedule that you can adhere to every week. This way you can also accurately track your progress week by week.?

Your end goal should be making the process and consistent and sustainable as possible, because ultimately those are your pillars to success.✅

Its all about a lifelong commitment to living a healthier and happier life.☺️

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