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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise

What exactly happens to and in your body when
you exercise? That is a common question among beginner exercisers. Well, a lot
happens to your body once you start subjecting it to intense physical
activities, particularly if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle. You
actually start feeling the impact as soon as you hit the ground running. Your
heart starts to beat more than you are used to, you feel like you aren’t
breathing efficiently, and the muscles tend to tighten up. Sometimes you will
feel some discomfort around your groin, stomach, and lower leg muscles long
after you are done exercising. You will always feel some difference- both short
and long term changes.

Now that we have established that every person
can exercise no matter the age or health status, let us now look at what
happens in your body once you start working out.

1.         Your body temperature rises

This happens because your body is burning fats continuously, with the resultant
chemical reactions producing heat. On the other hand, your heart starts pumping
blood at a faster rate, so there is more blood rushing through the system,
warming up your body as a result. But your body wants to retain its normal temperature,
so it looks for ways of releasing all the excess heat. One way it does that is
by dilating the blood vessels so that heat can be channeled faster towards the
skin, making the skin feel extremely warm. And because the skin is the
outermost organ in your body, it is able to shed off inner heat fast.

2.         You experience soreness

This is because exercising for the first time
or after a long break makes tiny tears in your muscles. In fact, muscles grow
when they tear because the body focuses lots of energy to repair the tears.
Your body gets more practice when there are muscles to be repaired. When you
exercise regularly, the soreness subsides naturally.

3.         Your internal organs function

Let’s start with the brain. Your brain uses up more energy when you exercise than
during any other time. This is because, during this time, the brain is creating
neurotransmitters such as serotonin. On the other hand, the lungs start
in-taking 15 times more oxygen than normal, making you breathe faster. The
muscles squeeze blood in the veins, forcing it back to your heart. The heart is
forced to pump faster and the capillaries dilate in order to accommodate the
extra blood. Blood flows in your veins up to 20 times faster, raising your
adrenaline levels.

4.         You start feeling happy

You feel happy because your body starts
releasing the happy hormones in drones. The happy hormones,
also known as endorphins, are released because your body perceives intense
exercise as external stress, so it tries to fight it off by lifting your moods.
But because there is no stress to fight off in the first place, the endorphins
are all converted into a happy feeling.

5.         Your body grows more mitochondria

Exercising is work, basically. To work, you
need energy. To have energy, you need to convert more of the food you eat into
energy. To do that, your body needs more mitochondria (energy converters) in your
cells. Your body, therefore, manufactures more mitochondria. The end result is
that your body improves its rate of producing energy, so exercising becomes
easier for you.


Working out is the key to a long and healthy
life. If you want to be productive at work and to lead a fulfilling life, you
definitely have to start exercising regularly. And now that you understand what
happens behind the scenes- deep in your body when your exercise- we believe
that you will be motivated to work out more.

Although exercising demands a lot from you and
sometimes causes your body immeasurable pain, you cannot afford to live without
it. It is through an exercise that you keep obesity, diabetes, and heart
disease in check. It is also a great way to keep your BMI under control. If you cannot exercise
effectively probably because of your knees and thighs pain too much, the
solution is not to quit exercising altogether.

The best solution is to acquire
battery-powered or e-bike that comes with a boosting technology to assist you
pedal through challenging terrain. You will be happy to know that you can
easily assemble such a bike as long as you have an electric bike kit. And because the bike
conquers hills and inclines flawlessly without needing too much of your input,
you will be exercising easily regardless of your age or health condition.

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