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These Body Positive Influencers Are Normalising Women’s Bodies, and More of This Please

These Body Positive Influencers Are Normalising Women’s Bodies, and More of This Please

I’ve spent the better half of my adult life rebuilding my relationship with my body. Learning to nourish it with the right foods (and lots of them), listening to it when it needs to rest, engaging in exercise that makes me feel strong and healthy, and learning that no matter what number it says on a tag, as long as the clothing fits, it doesn’t matter. I’ve also spent a lot of time learning to love my body for the way it looks.

Despite all this self work, I noticed that the minute I would begin scrolling through Instagram, all my hard work would unravel as I’d subconsciously start comparing myself to other women. Women who had bodies so genetically different to my own that it was physically impossible for me to look like them, yet I still thought I needed to.

So to break this toxic habit, I decided to unfollow any accounts that made me feel less than. I began following body positive women who are normalising their cellulite, body rolls, uneven boobs and imperfect skin. Women who gave me the confidence to post a photo even if you could see a dimple in my leg or acne on my face. Women like Danae Mercer who shares photos of her edited and unedited body to show how easy it is to fake it photos on Instagram; and Karina Irby who uploads bikini photos where you can see her cellulite because it’s completely normal to have cellulite.

Since doing this, I’ve found myself feeling more empowered to embrace those parts of my body that I might not love just yet, but shouldn’t let get in the way of me living my life, or in this case, posting a photo on Instagram.
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Miss Fashion Week is a platform that empowers women through body positivity and self love. Miss Fashion Week is the first organization that bridges modeling competition with pageant. How they differentiate is that they truly embrace diversity. Miss Fashion Week is inclusive with variety of categories such as: junior, teen, petite, curvy, runway and international. Miss Fashion Week is in the heart of fashion and beauty space re-defining beauty.

#YouAreEnough is a campaign initiated by Miss Fashion Week to encourage women of all ages to embrace themselves for who they are and boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Miss Fashion Week aka MFW Foundation is a 501(c)(3) women empowerment platform that focuses on #3 and #5 of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Good health and Well-being and Gender Equality.

She Marketplace is presented by Miss Fashion Week as an eCommerce platform for women and women empowerment. We provide tools and resources to help women achieve mental, physical and financial success. All of our products are curated to have women empowerment in mind. They are either created by women, or women owned or the brand has a strong women empowerment message. Every dollar you spend on our platform empowers women somewhere.

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These Body Positive Influencers Are Normalising Women’s Bodies, and More of This Please


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