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The 5 Business Love Languages – Team Edition

The 5 Business Love Languages – Team Edition

Nowadays, there’s a whole new level of closeness with your teammates. Yep, we’re working longer hours, collaborating more consistently, and achieving bigger and bigger goals by the quarter. Inevitably, this means more time spent working together towards a common goal… which can be highly fulfilling, rewarding, and fun, OR it can be frustrating and straight-up stressful. 

Think about it: you’re spending most of your days with your team members and they’re with you through the ups (like hitting your big sales goals) and downs (like tech breaking mid-launch!)… 

So it’s important to find ways to better understand your teammates and learn about one another, as it will inevitably help you become an even more effective and cohesive team. One thing is especially important when it comes to better understanding your team, and that is knowing each person’s business love language. This gives you vital information on how each member of your team wants to receive acknowledgment and appreciation. 

Here’s an overview of the 5 different love languages and what unique advantages each one brings to your team. 

Acts of Service 

A team member with this love language is all about small acts of helpfulness. A little support can go a LONG way in making this person feel extra appreciated and valued. To support someone with this specific love language, offer to help them on a big project, take initiative on tasks without being asked, or go out of your way to handle something on their plate! 

This team member often wishes to receive extra help and support, but won’t always explicitly request it, which can lead to feelings of overwhelm or frustration. So, always remember to offer this person support or ask what if they could use an extra pair of eyes during the workweek. 

Receiving Gifts 

A team member with this love language is all about being thoughtful and brightening people’s day with little tokens of appreciation. Whether it’s surprising someone with their favorite matcha latté, buying flowers for someone’s birthday, or bringing back a little somethin’ from their summer vacay, this person is always thinking of how they can surprise and delight the people around them.

This team member loves to shower others with little gifts, and also thrives when people reciprocate that level of thoughtfulness towards them. So, if this person hits a big milestone or accomplishes a massive task, surprising them with flowers, a gift card, or a yummy treat will go a LONG WAY in making them feel appreciated. For them, it’s truly the thought that counts! 

Physical Touch 

A team member with this love language will be the first person to suggest a team hike, dance class, or rock climbing expedition to get closer and have some fun. This team member loves getting outside the office, getting their body moving, and doing something more physical to connect with the team. Oh, and of course, they love a good team huddle or group hug after a big win. 

This team member will always appreciate team-building experiences that are out of the box. To excite this person, maybe add in a mid-day yoga class, schedule a fun team obstacle course, or a happy hour hike to catch the sunset. You’ll notice this person light up with excitement and feel even more inspired in their role because of this extra-bit of playfulness your company brings to their career and work-week. 

Quality Time 

A team member with this love language is all about one-on-one meetings, asking everyone about their weekend plans, and finding ways to connect on a more personal level. This person makes an incredible team leader or manager, as they’re genuinely curious about what motivates the people around them and is always wanting to build a more meaningful relationship with their teammates. This means they are amazing at building rapport and getting the inside scoop on what someone’s all about. 

This team member feels most appreciated when people take time to ask about how they are doing (outside of just work) and make an effort to schedule more quality, 1:1 time with them. To fully excite and fulfill this member of your team, think about booking some team retreats, company off-sites, and even team happy hours to spend more quality time together. This person brings a rare and special quality to your team, so definitely look for creative ways to show them your appreciation. 

Words of Affirmation 

A team member with this love language is all about giving shoutouts and celebrating team wins in your team slack channels. They are the first ones to send a company-wide email to acknowledge someone’s hard work or send a private text message to say thank you for someone’s efforts during the week. They are explicit and direct in their communications and love showering others with words of encouragement and praise.

This team member thrives in an environment where they are appreciated and celebrated in this same way. A thank you note, a shoutout on Slack or private email goes a LONG WAY in making them feel appreciated and valued. Always remember to drop them a quick voice note or message during the week to give them some love and remind them about what a big contribution they make to your business’s success. It’ll make a big difference and have them feeling even more fulfilled by the work they do each day. 

There you have it! Wondering about your next steps and how to use this with your team? Firstly, find out what each person’s business love language is by taking our fun and fast Business Love Language Quiz. This is an incredible way to boost team morale, connection, and gain insights you can use to create a long-lasting and happy business relationship.

Once everyone completes the quiz, have them post in your team channel to share their results! That way everyone can know each other’s business love language and make an extra effort when it comes to showing each person appreciation and recognition in their work.



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