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Songs Promoting Self Love

songs promoting self-love - lizzo self-love song

Songs Promoting Self Love

Self love is the best love. And what is more self love than immersing ourselves in some songs promoting self love … a tongue twister.

We all love music, don’t we? Music play any important role in our lives. Music can lift our mood instantly and sometimes they can even change our perspective towards life. According to researchers, if you hear a song with the right lyrics in a surge of emotions, you can instantly get yourself out of certain state.

Hence proved, songs are a form of expressing and practicing self love, provided that we listen to the right ones.

Which Ones To Listen To?

We want to recommend a few of Lizzo’s self-love songs today. Lizzo is distinctive in the music industry because she uses her songs to promotes self-love.

Stay tuned as we are just about to show you the best self-love songs by Lizzo.

7 Best Self-love Songs By Lizzo


The juice is one of the most positive songs that Lizzo has written. It promotes self-love and calls out for people to love themselves unapologetically.

Good As Hell

This song was ranked among the best 200 songs of 2018 by NPR. The theme is to call out to people and provoke them to feel on the top despite the circumstances. It focuses on self-importance to be maintained under all situations.


Fitness was made specially as an inspiration to women. It was meant to be promoting the fact that women should not be ashamed of their bodies. It asked the listeners that if anyone body shames you at any point, tell them that you don’t do anything for them.


The Tempo was again a song for women with the motive to love every curve of your body. While fitness was based on others’ countering taunts, Tempo focuses on being complacent with your own body and not being ashamed of it.

Water Me

Again a fantastic song created by Lizzo. This song asks the listeners not to look for inspiration outside. It goes by the motto of “I am my inspiration”. Hence promoting self-dependency and self-love.

Scuse Me

This is one of the boldest songs that Lizzo made; it stresses that only your opinion matters in your life.


Soulmate might be the best song on this list because it bluntly goes by the theme that if you do not love yourself, no one else can ever love you.

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