Target Back Pain Where It Starts

Did you know that our sensory nervous system is responsible for sending signals to the brain that it will then interpret when we encounter stimuli? Based on these signals, our brain will determine how the stimuli shows up in our body (pain, pleasure, warm, cold, etc.).

And when it comes to maintaining a level of mobility that enables a good quality of life, nothing can be more challenging than pain – especially lower back pain.

The Compex TENS/Heat Back Wrap offers dual functionality when it comes to temporarily relieving pain, with eight different modes of proven pain relief.

Two of the most popular methods when it comes to pain management and rehabilitation are electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). EMS administers an electrical current at a pre-determined frequency to target motor nerves specifically. These nerves then contract associated muscles based on the amount of resistance enabled through the device, simulating an experience similar to when actual weight-bearing activity is initiated. This strengthens the muscles to provide more pain-free mobility.

TENS, on the other hand, targets the sensory nerves responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. With this modality, either an endorphin release is induced to alleviate pain, or the pain signals are blocked entirely.

The attached device enables you to choose the method that targets your back pain most successfully and enjoy the benefits that come from more pain-free mobility. And 2 levels of heat provide additional comfort and soothing relief.

Take back pain into your own hands and order your TENS/Heat Back Wrap today!


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