Miss Fashion Week Affirmation Tshirts


Miss Fashion Week has some messages for you:

I Love Me


Parental Advisory Explicit CONFIDENT Content

Best gift you can give to yourself and girlfriends. And you are helping us making impact.

* Miss Fashion Week is a 501(c)(3) women empowerment platform that focuses on #3 and #5 of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Women’s Well-being and Gender Equality.

* Miss Fashion Week is the first organization that bridges modeling competition with pageant. How we differentiate is that we have all body types included. We are in the heart of fashion and beauty space re-defining beauty.

* Miss Fashion Week’s mission is to use fashion as our media and runway as our platform to raise generations of strong daughters.

#YouAreEnough is a campaign initiated by Miss Fashion Week to encourage women of all ages to embrace themselves for who they are and boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.


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Our goal is to have 1 million women donate $1 per month to reach 1 million girls (age 6 to 17) per year. #1M41M

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