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OMG, Your Weekly Horoscope Says You’re In For A Breakthrough

OMG, Your Weekly Horoscope Says You’re In For A Breakthrough

Ready to end one month and begin the next? Your weekly horoscope for June 29 through July 5 is here.This is a busy week with a lot of intense influences playing their part. On Monday, Jupiter(planet of abundance) conjoins Pluto (planet of transformation), which could lead to a life-changing breakthrough if one is prepared to embrace it.

There could be restlessness on Tuesday as Mercury (planet of communication). aligns with Uranus (planet of change), encouraging a search for cutting-edge information. This is followed by the sun (planet of self-identity) merging with communicator Mercury and aligning with maverick Uranus. This looks like it could be a time of discovery and fascinating encounters.

On Wednesday, sobering Saturn (planet of foundation) moves back into Capricorn, its home base, as it continues its retrograde phase. It will remain here until December 16, when it moves back into Aquarius for the long haul.

Finally, there’s a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday that could set the stage for a shift in goals and ambitions. As one door closes, another one opens onto a bright new vista.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week

STYLECASTER | Aries zodiac sign


Fiery Mars is at the start of its journey in your sign, and you may feel confident and ready for anything. And yet this positive energy contrasts with the more vulnerable feelings you might have with the sun in the sign of Cancer and your family zone. You might need to work with both qualities over the coming weeks. For instance, use the power of Mars to get ahead and the sensitivity of the Cancer sun to help you empathize with others.

There is a dynamic focus at the top of your chart as expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto embrace each other in your sector of goals and ambitions. As both are currently retrograde, this is the time to make use of an opportunity that might involve a lot of hard work. You may not benefit now, but you will in the future.

Cautious Saturn moves back into your career zone on Wednesday. If you’re in danger of putting too much pressure on yourself, Saturday’s lunar eclipse encourages you to simplify matters.

STYLECASTER | taurus zodiac sign


Philosophical Jupiter and underworld Pluto link up in your sector of study and far horizons on Monday. You might have a chance to embrace an opportunity, and if so, the cosmos suggests that you take it. There may be a learning curve attached, but you could benefit tremendously over the long term.

There are a lot of interactions and lively chats occurring this week. And even though Mercury is retrograde, its tie with energizing Uranus can help you find the answer to a problem that may have eluded you for some time.

On Wednesday, structured Saturn moves back into your adventure zone for some months, so you may get serious about certain beliefs and be eager to explore them further. This is part of the process of weeding out those patterns that have been wired into you from childhood and that may no longer work for you. It’s time to embrace more life-enhancing options. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn can help deepen this process.

STYLECASTER | gemini zodiac sign


You may be pushed to release something you’ve been clinging to. Deep in your heart, you may realize that it’s time for this situation or person to leave your life, but a side of you may resist. As empowering Jupiter connects with volcanic Pluto in an intense zone on Monday, it can trigger events that push you to let go.

At the same time, the focus on your personal financial sector and links to inspirational Uranus could see ideas forming about how to increase your income. Some of these could show up through your intuition or in a dream. If you follow through, good things can happen.

Your sector of transformation is very much in focus this week as cautious Saturn moves back in, encouraging you to embrace your shadow side and bring it into the light. At the same time, with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, consider making a push to release anything that is no longer working for you.

STYLECASTER | cancer zodiac sign


Powerful influences this week could stir up key relationships, bringing opportunities to make some deep-seated changes. Jovial Jupiter aligns with powerbroker Pluto on Monday, so discussions could lead to decisions that have a far-reaching influence on an intense bond.

At the same time, with the sun and Mercury linking to lively Uranus, you may find encounters with like-minded others to be very uplifting and liberating. If you make a new friend this week, they could be extremely supportive.

On Wednesday, prudent Saturn moves back into your relationship zone until December 16, and this could intensify a partnership and test your loyalty to each other.

Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn may be a reminder to allow your feelings to flow. If there is something you’ve been meaning to say, this could be the time you go ahead. It will do you so much good to let it all out.

STYLECASTER | leo zodiac sign


The intense focus on your lifestyle sector continues, bringing more potential for dynamic change.

An intense Jupiter-Pluto aspect on Monday inspires you to reflect on your deeper purpose. While your life may be filled with activities, there could be a secret wish at the core of your being that wants to be fulfilled. Reflect deeply on what this might be, because following through could bring you much joy and satisfaction.

As prudent Saturn moves back into Capricorn midweek, you might feel pressured to accomplish more. This may only be possible if you can simplify your life and become more organized at the same time. Avoid giving yourself too much to do because it will only stress you out.

A lunar eclipse in your lifestyle sector on Saturday indicates you could realize that something has to shift. It might be a job that’s getting you down or a habit that’s upsetting your well-being. Either way, getting rid of it can give you a new lease on life.

STYLECASTER | virgo zodiac sign


The more you tap into your creativity, the more power you have to transform your life. And this week, with a potent Jupiter-Pluto alignment in your leisure zone, paying attention to an intuitive nudge could see a positive shift taking place. As both planets are retrograde, a change of attitude that involves adopting a winning outlook could change your whole perspective on creativity and success.

Friends might also chip in with bright ideas and support, and this is something to be welcomed. The sun and roving Mercury link to electric Uranus, so some inspirational insights could result from conversations with those in your social circle.

With a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, it’s possible that you could fall for someone in a big way as a surge of emotion compels you to get closer to them. Take your time, though, because being too hasty could cause some regret later.

STYLECASTER | libra zodiac sign


On Monday, a powerful Jupiter-Pluto tie could find you breaking with family tradition and doing something that surprises others in your clan. For a while you’ve been busy trying to establish your own space within the family unit, and the coming days could see some positive action unfolding in this regard.

At the same time, there’s a delightful interplay of energies that can highlight ideas regarding your career, business, and goals. Insights may be shared and opportunities revealed that could work out well for you if you’re ready to make a move.

On Wednesday, sobering Saturn moves back into your domestic sector and remains here until December 16, which could further increase a desire to restructure this side of your life. It can assist you physically, in terms of remodeling your home, and emotionally, as family members make key decisions that result in dynamic changes.

Finally, Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn can be a chance to get rid of clutter that may be cramping your style.

STYLECASTER | scorpio zodiac sign


A new idea could be the best you’ve had in a while and reveal a way to make good on a project that seemed to be going nowhere. New potential may be revealed that can give it a fresh lease on life. You might need to make a few major changes, but doing so could lead to future success.

If you’re eager to connect with friends, an upbeat influence could see you enjoying some lively conversations that uncover some powerful ideas. One piece of information might be particularly helpful and even revolutionize an aspect of your life.

Taskmaster Saturn moves back into your sector of talk and thought on Wednesday, until December 16, so you may feel pressured to come up with ideas. Don’t try too hard. Just let them flow.

Finally, the lunar eclipse in this sector on Saturday can encourage a change of mindset. It’s time to let go of rigid opinions and replace them with a more fluid way of thinking.

STYLECASTER | sagittarius zodiac sign


If you’ve been hoping for a breakthrough regarding your finances, you might get one this week. Key energies influencing your money zone indicate that this can be a time of positive shifts that lead to wonderful opportunities in the future.

A bold Jupiter-Pluto merger on Monday, which has been building for some time, could see funds becoming available, even if you have to wait for them to arrive in your account. If you were owed some money, it might come back to you soon, or you might hear news of a grant or something similar. Whatever it is, it can make a positive difference if you invest it well.

On Wednesday, sobering Saturn re-enters your money zone, until December 16, and its presence here can encourage you to pare back expenses and recycle items where possible.

Saturday’s lunar eclipse also stirs up your finances. A seed may be planted that sees new growth developing over the coming weeks and months.

STYLECASTER | capricorn zodiac sign


There’s a lot happening in your sign this week that could bring positive change.

A seismic Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could see you reaching deeper into your inner resources and finding skills and talents that may have been largely ignored until now. Perhaps you couldn’t find a use for an ability, but over the coming weeks and months you may discover that it’s in demand and something you could perfect.

Conversations could back up this intuitive nudge and lead you to explore it in more depth. Some bright ideas can emerge over this week, and they could leave you very optimistic.

On Wednesday, Saturn moves back into your sign, until December 16, so it’s time to abandon any projects that may be a waste of resources.Plus, Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn could bring something to light, enabling you to make an informed decision about how to deal with it.

STYLECASTER | aquarius zodiac sign


A powerful emphasis on your spiritual zone this week could bring some unexpected insights and spiritual gifts. As upbeat Jupiter aligns with transforming Pluto on Monday, you may be evaluating your beliefs and jettisoning any that keep you living out only a small part of your potential.

The cosmos encourages you to aim high. As this transit will repeat one more time, it could see you edging out of your comfort zone and into more exciting waters. This might require some changes to your routines and lifestyle, but it will be worth it.

Cautious Saturn reenters this sector midweek and remains here until December 16, encouraging you to clear out your psychic closet of all the stuff that has been hiding in there.

Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn and a quiet zone encourages deep rest and spiritual renewal, especially if you’ve had little time for this lately.

STYLECASTER | pisces zodiac sign


This week’s aspects and influences seem to center around your social zone. Even if you aren’t venturing out that much yet, it won’t stop you from making some valuable connections online and on social media. If you’re being more socially adventurous, then this might be the week when encounters trigger key events and give rise to big opportunities. Keep networking because something positive is in the air.

Taskmaster Saturn moves back into your social sector midweek, until December 16, where it continues the process of helping you refine your social life and friendships. Seeing them objectively could cause you to reconsider the future of certain connections.

Finally, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your social zone on Saturday could force emotions to a fever pitch. While this is an opportunity to clear the air, it could also see you ending any association that isn’t working for you. Quite honestly, this could be a big relief.

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