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Meet your Future Consumer

Meet your Future Consumer

“Optimism is rebellious, and more than that, it’s a brave choice.”

In times where the world feels like such a strange place, it can be hard to picture what the future will look like. But, at WGSN, our team are experts in forecasting how the events unfolding around us will impact the future. Society shifts will change everything, but one thing that will remain the same is the importance of human connection. WGSN’s annual white paper, Future Consumer 2022, breaks down how new behaviors are forming, and how they will drive us in the future.

Introducing your Future Consumer.


By 2022, we are set to have 29 billion connected devices globally – over three times the human population. Our global interconnectivity is at an all-time high, causing us to mimic the emotions of people we’ve never even met. Widespread empathy is manifesting into universal feelings of fear. A meme that reaches millions of people in seconds can cause global laughter, but an image of a burning rainforest? Widespread panic and uncertainty. It’s not just the environment. From popular culture to politics, our minds are being fed (at speed) by our social feeds, and we need to be careful about what we digest.

The New Optimists, one of the three consumer profiles outlined by WGSN, are being driven by positivity to tackle fear with joy.

The New Optimists

This consumer group is determined to spread happiness in their quest for a better world, embracing ‘Celebrationism’. Their community mindset focusses on congratulating those who are making a change in difficult times. Experiential dining, interactive exhibitions, and collaborative culture will grow as this group commits time to celebrate achievements, big or small. The goal: to spend quality time championing friends and family, rather than for the clout of sharing an exclusive experience online. Appeal to The New Optimists with polarised positivity, helping them in their mission to spread joy, achieve equality, and redefine stereotypes.

Meet The Settlers and The Stabilisers, the other cohorts in our latest white paper: Future Consumer 2022.

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