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Meet Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur – Babba C. Rivera

Meet Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur – Babba C. Rivera

Today we want to introduce you to the amazing, talented, and highly successful Babba C. Rivera. Babba C. Rivera is an award-winning Brand Marketing Professional with experience working with fashion and tech brands in Stockholm, Berlin, and New York. Following launching Uber in Sweden, working as Head of Partnerships for Uber in New York, and as the Director of Brand Marketing at Away, she set out to merge the gap between the agency world and the uprise of fast-moving, direct-to-consumer brands. Like a true #bossbabe, Babba C. Rivera is multi passionate unapologetically ambitious and has trailblazed her path to success.

Babba’s also the founder of bybabba, a next-gen Brand Marketing Agency, with offices in both New York and Stockholm. You could say Babba is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and businesswoman, as she’s held positions in the fashion industry, as well as technology. She’s a strong believer in “working to live and not living to work” – aka – Babba is all about designing a career that creates work/life balance and sustainability.

Babba grew up in Sweden and comes from humble beginnings. She always felt like the odd one and often felt embarrassed about her culture. Babba has since turned that into one of her greatest gifts and has truly embraced her background as a tremendous asset. Her journey thus far has shown her how to hustle, be creative, dream big, and believe in herself! Now she helps women worldwide make career moves and navigate the professional world with confidence.

How would you love to get Babba’s feedback on your business and how to take it to a whole new level? Yep, that’s an opportunity to get mentorship from a powerful billionaire businesswoman!

We are thrilled to announce that Babba Rivera is one of the judges in our ELLE x BossBabe Pitch Your Business Competition, where you’ll have the chance to win $15K in cash, business courses, and more!

You can learn more and enter the Pitch Competition right here. Good luck!

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