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How To Build A Sales Page That Converts

sales page that converts

How To Build A Sales Page That Converts

Have you ever had the feeling of walking into your favorite coffee shop, purchasing your go-to latte and sipping your drink in bliss as you go about your day? It’s a pretty great feeling. 

Getting your favorite latte is a great experience because it’s just easy. You make a selection, pay your barista and walk out of the store with your drink in hand – every time. 

What if your sales page was like that? No, seriously. What if when a potential customer landed on your sales page, they knew exactly what they wanted, made their purchase and left happy about what they just bought. 

Most sales pages aren’t like that. Most sales pages are disorienting, muddled and sometimes nonexistent. That’s because building a sales page on your own can feel really intimidating.

Can you relate? I mean, be honest: how many times have you tried to sit down and put together your sales page? A lot, right? How many of those times have you walked away with a sales page you were proud of? 

Yeah…I thought so.

If that’s you, it can feel pretty tempting to either give up on a sales page altogether or spend thousands of dollars and have someone else do it for you. But what if there was another solution? 

What if you could do it yourself? 

Most entrepreneurs believe the lie that they either have to be an expert copywriter or a senior web developer to build a sales page that works. That’s not true. 

You just need to learn the four fundamentals every great sales page has in common and build a page that follows those rules. It’s as simple as that.

That’s where we come in. We’re breaking down the four components of a great sales page so you can start applying them to your website ASAP. 

Four Things Every Great Sales Page Has In Common

From the most profitable companies to small-time startups, every great sales page out there is doing the same four things. Yours can do these things, too. You just have to know what they are and where to start.

1 – Every Great Sales Page Identifies A Problem

Problems motivate people to buy things. When you walk into your favorite coffee shop, your problem is simple: you don’t have any coffee (and you really, really want coffee).

Not every problem is that obvious. In fact, sometimes your potential customer doesn’t even realize they have a problem in the first place. That’s why it’s your job to explain the problem to them.

Get really clear about what problem your product or service solves. Then, make sure you have a section on your sales page that helps your customer understand what that problem is and why it matters.

2 – Every Great Sales Page Shows The Repercussions Of Not Solving That Problem

Pointing out a problem isn’t enough if you want to convert website visitors into sales. You have to show them why that problem is, well, a problem.

In this section of the sales page, you’re answering your customer’s inevitable question, “Why should I care?” And you need to have a good answer. 

Put it this way: you don’t buy a cup of coffee for the sake of buying coffee. You buy coffee because you’re worried you’ll snooze through your next meeting or you need it to kick off your daily routine. It’s not just about wanting a product, it’s about realizing that you’ve got something to lose if you don’t take action. 

What might happen if your potential customer doesn’t buy your product? Will they feel stressed and overwhelmed? Will their business’s success begin to flatline? Think about the repercussions and paint a clear picture of what could go wrong in this section of your sales page.

3 – Every Great Sales Page Offers A Tangible Solution To The Problem

Now that you’ve identified the problem and explained why that problem matters, it’s time to convince your customer your product or service can help.

You know by drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, you’re going to wake up faster and be more alert. Coffee solves that problem for you. 

Your sales page needs to do the same thing for your product. This is the part where you get to brag. You get to explain to potential customers why your product is exactly what they’ve been looking for all this time. 

4 – Every Great Sales Page Shows Results With Data

Finally, you have to demonstrate that your product or service actually works. You can do this by giving specific results and data or even listing testimonials from past customers that were satisfied after doing business with you. The more tangible results you’re able to provide, the better. 

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