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Female Empowerment: 5 Reasons To Start From Childhood

female empowerment

Female Empowerment: 5 Reasons To Start From Childhood

What is ‘beautiful’? Who defines it? But most importantly, how do you define it? There are still many gender stereotypes and barriers pending to go down in history. There are still many boys and girls who continue to believe that they occupy different places in society. And there are still more steps to take to make gender equality a reality. Today we talk about one of them, female empowerment from childhood, and its importance.

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In the world there are 1,100 million girls, 1,100 million dreams that should not be truncated by gender impositions. For girls to understand that they are masters of their future, experts agree that the different agents of socialization (family, school, media, etc.) must promote self-esteem and empowerment from an early age, through of keys such as communication, leadership or negotiation, among others.

In short, to achieve a 50-50 planet, it is necessary to count on the new generations very early to be the drivers of change.

This is why Miss Fashion Week, a 501(c)3 that empowers women through body positivity and self love is set to reach out to 1 million girls each year to help them build a solid foundation growing up. This is how we define beauty at Miss Fashion Week, Beauty is to have the courage to pursue whatever dreams you have. You are beautiful enough, you are skinny enough, you are intelligent enough, you are ____ enough (fill the blank yourself) to go pursue whatever dream you have. That is beautiful. #youareenough

She Marketplace donates 10% of the profit to Miss Fashion Week to support our mission to empower women everywhere.

But in case we have not convinced you yet, we give you some more reasons to empower from childhood.

5 reasons for female empowerment of girls

  1. Because they will learn to be brave, not perfect

Most girls are taught to avoid failure and risk to focus on safe play, to be perfect in everything they do. Children, for their part, are encouraged to take risks, to be brave and powerful, to never give up. Why do we teach girls to be perfect and boys to be brave? They must also know how to put fear aside to face the challenges of life and thus learn from their mistakes and successes.


  1. Because gender stereotypes are acquired from childhood

According to recently research published in the journal Science, girls begin to feel less intelligent than boys from the age of 6. From an early age, gender stereotypes take a toll on the interests and aspirations of girls, who begin to avoid activities related to boys that they consider “brilliant”.


  1. Because it contributes to preventing violence and discrimination

In addition to fostering leadership and self-esteem in girls, it is also necessary to educate boys and girls in gender equality from an early age.  At a very early age (0-12 years) prejudices hardly exist, which favors them to internalize a civic behavior based on equality and respect for oneself and others, leaving aside gender roles.


  1. Because today’s girls will be tomorrow’s leaders

As obvious as it may sound, it should be remembered that the girls of today will be the women of tomorrow, that half of humanity that will include workers, mothers, businesswomen, tutors, political leaders … As the UN recalls, “investing in their potential defends their rights now and promises a more equitable and prosperous future ”.


  1. Because development is not possible without them

Gender equality is not just a development goal in itself, but an essential means to achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals. Only with men and women living together in equality will it be possible to solve political conflicts, economic growth, disease prevention, climate change and, ultimately, guarantee the sustainability of the world.

Now you understand why we are dedicated to focus on #3 and #5 of UN’s SDG goals – good health & well being and gender equality.

We ask you to donate as little as $1 each month to help us empower girls. Your $1 goes a long way.

You can click here to take the pledge to debunk the beauty standard that has limit our girls.

There are more than 5 reasons to empower girls, just as there are many ways to contribute, each person from their scope and capabilities, to an equitable and sustainable world, the important thing is not to sit idly by. As the American writer and political activist Hellen Keller said:

“ I am not the only one, but still I am someone. I can’t do everything, but I can still do something. And just because I can’t do everything, I won’t give up doing what I can ”.

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