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FAQ for Vendors

  • My products keep showing as “out of stock”. Why is it?

The reason for a product show as out of stock is because the stock quantity is 0. please make sure stocks of each single variation is checked.

If you have attributes, make sure to create variations based on the attributes and manage the estocks accordingly.  If you don’t see all the variations, click on ‘expand’ to see all. – screenshot of ‘Inventory’ management – screenshot of ‘Variations’ management

  • What’s a Variable Product?

A variable products have 1 design but different other variations such as color, scent, size, etc

  • What if the image failed to upload?

We are currently running into some issues where images uploading is slow depending on the internet speed. Plz let it sit there and it will finish loading.

Plz save the draft and re-enter, most of the time, the image is already in the media library.

It’s a good practice to upload all images all together.

  • What is ‘Shipping Class’?

Shipping Class is for a special kinds of products that do not fall into regular shipping rate, for instance, Books has a shipping class of $3.99 which is cheaper than the regular flat-rate domestic shipping of $9.99. It can apply to products which are super heavy or large sizes.

  • When is the 5% commission taken?

It happens when the transaction happens. 5% will be deducted automatically.

  • What is ‘Support’ on our vendor dashboard?

‘Support’ is a ‘Vendor Support Tickets’ system on your dashboard. It is for your customers. They will appear here when your customers send support tickets to you.

  • How do we know that we got a new order?

You should get notified to your registered email. All your orders should appear on your dashboard.

  • How many products should we upload to the platform?

This is fully up to our vendors. Start with a few best sellers for sure. Keep in mind: Our audience is women 18 to 44.

  • How do I let someone be able to go into site like my marketing guy?

If they have your email and pwd. they should be able to login.

  • It appears much of what I input, and I did save, yet when I viewed again, it was not in there?

Plz make sure to click on ‘update’ in the right column under ‘Publish’ after you make any updates.

  • What is the RMA?

These are warranty, returns and exchanges terms for your customers.

  • Does She Marketplace keep the taxes?


  • Do vendors keep the shipping payment?


  • How do vendors get paid?

Update: We just recently switched to Stripe which will allocate payment automatically.

/*Click on the withdraw button on the dashboard*/

  • How does coupon work?

There is a store wide coupon option, enable it to give customers storewide order discounts.

FREE Shipping for domestic orders over $25

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