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Establish Credibility in Your Niche With These 7 Steps

Establish Credibility in Your Niche With These 7 Steps

I know you’re an expert in something. But does anyone (besides you) actually know what you’re an expert in? If you want to build your brand online, you’ll need to pinpoint your expertise and establish credibility in the eyes of your audience.

While this might sound like an overwhelming goal, it’s a relatively simple process. I’ve broken it down to take out the guesswork and create a clear roadmap for you. Read on for 7 steps to establish credibility in your niche.

1. Get crystal clear on who you are speaking to.

If you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’ll be speaking to nobody at all. Whether you’re validating your products and services, designing your brand, or writing your content, you should always have your ideal client in mind.

The more specific you get, the more directly you’ll be able to target your ideal customer. Your audience will instantly know if your product or service was made for them because you’ll be creating an experience that speaks to them specifically.

Getting clear on who you most want to help is key to creating a product that addresses their unique needs.

2. Claim your niche expertise.

So many people will never be seen as experts because of one obstacle: their own lack of self-confidence. Let me assure you that you are an expert in something.

If nothing else, you are an expert on your own life experience. No one else has the ability to have seen and experienced life through your eyes. Your wisdom is worth sharing, so do us all a favor and believe in yourself. And remember: What other people think of you is none of your business.

How do you know what you’re an expert in?

If you have a technique or system that consistently solves a specific problem for people, then you are an expert in that. What are some problems that you can solve consistently for people? If you can’t think of an answer, consider the things your friends, family, clients, or coworkers ask you to solve for them all the time!

Build your confidence in your expertise by serving others, getting feedback, and establishing credibility through client testimonials or customer reviews.

You don’t have to be the top expert in the whole universe in order to provide massive value to your audience. Learn more about ditching imposter syndrome so you can show up fully with confidence.

3. Offer high value for free to establish credibility.

Find out what your ideal client’s biggest obstacles are, then offer them a solution to their problem. By giving away your inside knowledge and helping them solve a huge issue, you will create massive loyalty and goodwill.

Your audience will exclaim, “WOW! If I got this result with her free content, imagine what great things will happen when I hire her!”

How do you know if you’re providing enough value to your audience? See what resources are readily available, then create something even better. If your solution can be found with an easy internet search, it may not be valuable enough yet.

Don’t be afraid to “give too much away”. Establishing credibility in your niche requires you to showcase your knowledge. This is an act of service to your community, and it will help your audience know, like, and trust you.

4. Create content for your ideal client – consistently!

Establish credibility by sharing your expertise in writing, video, audio, visual, or whichever medium you prefer. Will you create content to publish daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly? The key is to maintain consistency, so make a commitment that is sustainable based on your current resources.

Keep in mind: You do NOT need to be in all places at once. Too many solo entrepreneurs fall into overwhelm because they think they need to do #allthethings.

Choose the type of content that is easiest for you to create consistently. Whether you decide to blog, create YouTube videos, design Pinterest infographics, send a newsletter, chat on Facebook Live, share on Instagram Stories, or pair value-based captions on your Instagram posts, you can share your expertise in a way that feels best for your goal and energy levels. Which type of content will you create?

5. Encourage your audience to share your content.

Word-of-mouth referrals are so important to establish credibility in your niche. Encourage your audience to share your content with their networks by simply asking them to!

Make sure you provide clear calls to action and tell people exactly how to share your content.

For example:

  • In a newsletter: “Did you find this helpful? Send this email to a friend!”
  • On an Instagram post: “Share this post by clicking ‘Share’, then ‘Add post to your story’!”

Create content that is compelling, informative, engaging, entertaining, or thought-provoking to increase shareability.

6. Connect with influencers to expand your reach.

With social media, the whole world is at your fingertips. Use social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with social media influencers in your niche. By building authentic relationships, you will naturally create partnerships with people who are excited to share your expertise with their audience.

7. Collaborate with key partners to provide more value.

There are so many fun ways to collaborate with other experts in your niche. Some ways to collaborate include:

  • Instagram Stories takeover
  • Podcasts
  • Written interviews
  • Social media features
  • Guest blogging
  • Co-hosting a joint webinar, virtual workshop, or local event
  • Co-creating a free challenge or lead magnet

Make a list of 20-30 people or brands you would love to collaborate with, and take note of any awesome ideas that come to mind. Before you reach out, establish a connection with them and do a bit of research to see how you create something mutually beneficial.

All done? Repeat steps 1-7.

Once you’ve successfully tackled each step, you’ll continue to run through this cycle over and over again. Any time you are creating a new business, product, or service, make sure you have hit these 7 points in your launch strategy.

Ultimately, you should know this: Sharing your expertise is a gift to the world.

It is not selfish to claim your expertise, but you will need to prove yourself to establish credibility.

Need help with one of the 7 steps above?

Leave a comment below, so I can answer your questions and help you go from best-kept secret to industry expert.

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