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Could You 10X Your Instagram Following In Just 10 Minutes?


Could You 10X Your Instagram Following In Just 10 Minutes?

I’ve said it once and I will say it a million more times…

The Instagram algorithm is not out to get you.

Read that again. 👆

I cannot tell you how many ambitious women I hear from every day who ask for my tips to “avoid the algorithm”. 

Can I be totally honest with you? When someone asks me that question, I cringe. Avoiding the algorithm is SO not the point.

If you’re constantly looking for ways to build your Instagram account by avoiding the algorithm, you’re not going to grow. What you need to do instead is figure out how to make the algorithm work for you.

The algorithm has been painted as this terrible villain, but the truth is, it’s actually an essential part of your Instagram success. If you figure out how to hack the algorithm, it’s not going to hurt you. It’s actually going to help your account grow.

In this blog, I’m going to teach you how to make your Instagram account 10x better so you can grow in a way that works with the algorithm – not against it. 

The best part is: it’s only going to take 10 minutes. (Seriously).

Let’s dive in.

Three Easy Ways To Make Your Instagram 10x Better

If you’ve spent much time trying to grow on Instagram, you know the algorithm feels like it’s constantly changing. I actually kind of love keeping up with all the changes, but I know not everybody feels that way.

If you don’t want to keep up with the algorithm, just keep coming back to the blog where I’ll be revealing the latest in Instagram algorithm hacks on a regular basis.

Right now, the three metrics the algorithm cares about most are saves, shares and comments. If you take just 10 minutes a day to implement these three tips, you’ll watch your Instagram account get 10x better overnight.

  • Create Content That Can Be Saved

When Instagram users save your content, it tells the app the content you’re creating is the type of content people don’t just want to look at once…but that it’s content users actually want to return to.

If you’re trying to create content that will be saved, run everything through the filter of, “Will they need to see this again later?”

Recipes, workout routines and even product recommendations are great for save-able content. If a user wants to look at the post later, they’re much more likely to save it now.

  • Encourage Users To Share Your Posts

The reason shareable content is so important is because it’s directly related to getting more users on the app for a longer period of time (which the algorithm honestly loves).

The secret to shareable content? You just have to tell your followers to share it.

I know that sounds too simple, but just trust me. Try this…

On your next post, say something like: “Share this post with someone who needs to hear this today,” or, “Share this post with your followers to spread the word”. Then, let me know what results you get. I think you’ll like what you see.

  • Push People To The Comments 

Comments are an important metric to track because when someone comments on a post, it means they want to continue the conversation. 

Similar to shares, you have to encourage people to comment on your posts if that is what you want them to do.

One of my favorite ways to drive comments is to ask for recommendations or feedback. This not only helps you grow in algorithmic favor, it also gives you valuable insight into what’s working and what you can do better with your content next time.

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