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Coloro + WGSN: Key Colours S/S 22 | Butter

Coloro + WGSN: Key Colours S/S 22 | Butter

Our five key colours, for S/S 22, in collaboration with our sister brand Coloro, take inspiration from the simple and sensorial pleasures of everyday life, as consumers gravitate towards mood-boosting products and exhilarating experiences. The smell of a favourite book, the first forkful of a home-cooked meal, or the feel of freshly cut grass under the feet can all ignite feelings of joy, and our colours embody these treasured moments with an almost tangible sense of depth, texture and saturation. Throughout, we have balanced the desire for newness with the need for familiarity and dependability.

Enter Butter, the first of our five key colours. It drives yellow toward these softer, creamier and almost edible levels that encapsulates our growing desire for nourishing and wholesome experiences. Yellow has grown in popularity over the past three years, encompassing both saturated brights and pale tints. For S/S 22, we forecast consumers seeking these reassuring, familiar yellow shades, that bring comfort and optimism.

Warm, buttery shades are already up-trending in luxury womenswear, and for S/S 22 we will see this expand into menswear, lingerie and interiors – especially for luxurious and elevated styles. Butter also has a genderless appeal, making it perfect for Kidswear, Loungewear and Casualwear.

Butter is an adaptable tone, chosen as it is as captivating on its own as it is when paired with the other key colours for S/S 22.

Watch the full video and join our live webinar on Wednesday 13th May to find out more.

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