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7 Tips to Streamline Your Services so You Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

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7 Tips to Streamline Your Services so You Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

7 Tips to Streamline Your Services so You Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

We see you, frazzled service provider. We see you bustling and overwhelmed, reinventing the wheel every time you perform any admin task in your business. You’re building your proposals and forms from scratch, manually emailing clients repetitive emails in your process, chasing down payments, etc.

The overwhelming majority of service providers are, well, overwhelmed (and quite frankly, underpaid). We understand because we originated as a service-based business. There are 7 tips that massively helped us streamline our services and made a huge difference in our overall productivity, which is what we’ll be sharing in this blog post!

If you want to take this a step further with us to help you create a High-Touch Signature Service on Autopilot™ so you can work less and make more, we invite you to apply for The Incubator.

Streamline Your Services

1. Stay in Your Zone of Genius

It’s extremely easy to broaden the scope of your work and the services you offer to include things that you don’t even like and aren’t really that good at. You should create your service around the things you are good at, A.K.A. your zone of genius, and stick to it! Don’t feel like you need to offer services you don’t know how to do just because that’s what you “should do” or what you see other service providers doing.

2. Prevent Decision Fatigue

We have four important words for you: Keep your offer simple. This will help prevent decision fatigue for your potential clients by eliminating tons of questions or needed clarity, so you can get paid faster. Be sure to be crystal clear in how you’re talking about your offer, and suggest simplified options for potential clients. We love using a proposal page from Dusado for this, and we help you design it in The Incubator.

3. Eliminate Roadblocks

This is really similar to the one above in the sense that you want to make sure there aren’t many things that could hold a potential client back from booking. Anywhere there’s a point in your process that could slow things down, eliminate it. This could mean that you’re creating canned emails to send off a scheduler with your available booking times, that you have automations in place to auto-invoice your clients, and that you’re answering questions before they even ask.

4. Automate with Dubsado

We mentioned automation a tiny bit in the last one, but let’s take it a step further. Automate your entire client process with Dubsado. From lead generation to nurturing, to warming them up and getting them on a discovery call, to sending the proposal and getting paid, to getting them onboarded, etc. Yes, every single part of that can be automated with Dubsado! We teach you how inside The Incubator.

5. Know Your Capacity

In The Incubator, we also teach our clients how to identify your exact client capacity, meaning how many hours you have to dedicate to client work. Spoiler alert: You’re spending way too many hours per client, and that’s why you aren’t seeing the growth you’d like and deserve. Once you know your capacity, everything will clear up and you’ll be able to know that the time you’re spending is actually in the appropriate area of your business.

6. Stay in Your Zone of Focus

We know this sounds similar to the first tip, but it is different. Your zone of focus (ZOF) is the aspects of your environment and physical wellbeing that need to be in alignment for specific tasks to be accomplished. It’s the area in which you work the best, and it’s what we help our clients identify. We prioritize the ZOF above anything because, ultimately, the best thing to streamline your services is to create amazing quality work faster. The ZOF is the number one thing that will help you do that.

7. Set Up an Automated Referral System

A referral system is a great way to automatically have clients lined up for your services, and it’s mostly thanks to your current or past clients doing the work for you! We (of course) use Dubsado for this, and we teach our clients how to do this with workflows. Referral systems are perfect for incentivizing your clients to talk about you with the other dreamies in their network.

There you have it, folks! Those were our 7 tips to streamline your services so you can boost you and your team’s productivity. We highly, highly encourage you to come apply for the Incubator, so we can directly guide you through creating a High-Touch Signature Service on Autopilot™ and help you streamline your systems. via Blog – Boss Project

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